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Unusual Symptoms of Acid Reflux

As I mentioned on Symptoms of Acid Reflux, the most common symptom associated with GERD is heartburn. Here I’ll tell you about some more unusual symptoms of acid reflux.

You'll remember that reflux is the backing up of stomach acid into the esophagus. Exactly how much backs up and how far up the esophagus it goes varies with the severity of the problem and the habits of the person with reflux.

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It is easier for the stomach content to reflux when a person is lying down rather than standing. Gravity works against reflus in the upright position.

This means that acid reflux is often worse at night, especially in someone who eats a large meal shortly before going to bed.

In some people the gastric content may even reach the upper part of the esophagus and the back of their throat. If it does, it might cause symptoms such as a sleep disturbance (it’s hard to sleep soundly if there’s liquid pooling in your throat).

It might also be sensed as a metallic taste, or an irritated throat.

If the stomach acid spills over into the wind pipe, it can cause another whole set of problems.

Some people with chronic laryngitis actually have acid reflux as the cause. The acid from their stomach is backing up into their larynx and irritating their vocal cords.

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Obviously, standard treatments such as voice rest or antibiotics won’t help if reflux is the underlying cause.

If the acid goes further down the respiratory tract, it can cause another whole series of problems.

It can result in chronic cough, or repeated episodes of bronchitis. It can also trigger asthma like episodes where the airways constrict and breathing is difficult.

Damage from the acid reflux can injure the lung tissue to the extent that it is more vulnerable to a bacterial infection. In this case, the infection may temporarily get better with antibiotics, but if the underlying cause of the reflux isn’t dealt with the infection is very likely to happen again.

While these are fairly unusual symptoms of acid reflux, any physician will tell you that they aren’t all that rare. You might want to keep them in mind when you’re considering what the symptoms of acid reflux are.

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